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Kisangrow industries is providing endless support in the field of agriculture. We are the fast growing organic products supplier and manufacturer in agricultural sector since 2015. We provide products comprised of different micro and macronutrients for proper nutrition of plants & crops.

Founder Mr. Sandip J Bariya started Kisangrow Industries in 2015. About a year ago in 2014,


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I am Using KisanGrow SoilFood from past 3 years and the results are really good, as a farmer i wish each and every farmer brother use this SoilFood in their farms.
Shish Pal Haryana
We have 5 acres of farm and we are using this soilfood from KisanGrow the result is amazing we have more then double benefits from this product. you should try this once.
Hanshraj Punjab
In Vegetables Farming we see the growth of 200% which have result in double the productions of Vegetables and benefited me. you must use this in your farm.
Bhikhabhai Gujarat
SoilFood is blessing for farmers i will thank KisanGrow from suggesting us this product and it help us a lot more, i like to tell all farmers that if you will use it you will love it.
Raju Bhai Maharashtra


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