Welcome to Kisan Grow Industries


“Be the carrier of farmer, to achieve unparalleled success and develop agri-industry as a ideal corporate leader”

Welcome to Kisan Grow Industries


To establish phenomenal farming experience by a range of prime quality products which reduces most issues of agriculture.

Welcome to Kisan Grow Industries

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Kisan Grow Industries

Kisangrow industries is providing endless support in the field of agriculture. We are the fast growing organic products supplier and manufacturer in agricultural sector since 2015. We provide products comprised of different micro and macronutrients for proper nutrition of plants & crops.

Founder Mr. Sandip J Bariya started Kisangrow Industries in 2015. About a year ago in 2014, there were about 12,000 farmers and farm labour suicides.

Mr. Sandip bariya felt mournful about this and make up his mind to resolve this problem. He crowded together some of the passionate agriculturists and started research for giving an optimum solution to all the problems of farming.

We believe that every problem has a solution, and digging to the roots, one can determine an ultimate solution, which we did. We combined various organic raw materials mined from mineral resources, residues of plants and animals, different essential oils, etc… to deliver almost all the nutrients to plants and provide utmost care of crops and plants.

We have mastered in providing organically extracted nutrients and compounds in liquid base which are readily acceptable by plants & crops. All the products are based on bacterial decomposition and is effective in providing nutrition to plant and soil. Our products helps in retaining the minerals in soil, fertility of soil, porosity of soil & keeps it fertile by upholding useful worms

Also in early 2016, we started making different products used in day-to-day life whose quality is unrivaled.Thus, Products in the category of cosmetics and sanitary are indexed.

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Sandipkumar Bariya
Sandipkumar Bariya
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Shital Rajput
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Vanrajsinh Parmar