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Agro & Veterinary

Kisangrow Industries is a pioneer in the field of Agro & Veterinary and are specialists in the field of agricultural products. We are manufacturers and suppliers of micro and macro nutrients for various agricultural plants and cattle.

Our Agro & Veterinary range comprises of:

  • Soilcare:This is a revolutionary product which has about 18 micro and macronutrients and helps in increasing land fertility and production quality. Soil care eliminates the use of other chemicals and is completely organic. It kindles the root development and growth leading to the quick and dynamic growth of plants. The PH level of the soil is maintained as useful gases are produced like oxygen and carbon dioxide with the help of Soil care.
  • PlantCare:This product by Kisangrow is quite innovative and protects plants from fungus, insects and viruses attack. It also enhances the immunity of the plants and is made by mixing several organic oils.
  • Brahmastra:This product is used to enhance immunity in plants and augment the photosynthesis process and cell formation. It also protects crops and plants from fungus, virus, and insects.
  • KropCare:This powerful product is unique and augments photosynthesis by storing carbohydrates. It is a very effective product that is widely used and demanded by the agricultural sector as it enhances the quality, size, and quantity of yields.
  • MilkGrow:This Veterinary product is unique as it increases milk in cattle up to 40 percent organically. The product enhances the immunity as well as supports the liver of the animals. The hemoglobin of the cattle augments and all the impurities of the body are eliminated.

There are several other products in agro & Veterinary section, like Go Away, Seeds Treat, Soil Test Kit, Cattle wash etc. which are used for agriculture and cattle in their own manner. Fresh and organic produce by the company is making the world better in every way.

Go Away: This product by Kisangrow is powerful in restricting wild and domestic animals like pig, nilgai, rabbit, Roz, Snake etc.… Also this product is organic in nature which helps in growth of a crop.

Cattle wash: This product ensures that the place where we keep our cattle is hygienic, clean, and germ-free. Also, it does not affect the cattle so that they can stay healthy and peacefully.

Seeds treat: This product of Kisangrow is proficient in providing a protective gear on the seed and saves them from the damage occurring due to crushing and planting. Also, it helps the seeds to retain a definite moisture and prevents them from drying or getting more water. Due to this the ability of a seed to get matured in a plant remains intact.