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Ayurvedic Plantation

Kisan Grow Ayurvedic plantation provides excellent products that are local, natural and fresh. Your health and your holistic being can get cured with organic Ayurveda plantations done attentively and carefully by Kisan Grow. We identify the right kind of seeds and carry out Ayurvedic plantation that is used for making Ayurvedic medicines or other products. Our soil is nourished with natural fertilizers that lead to pesticides free and chemical free plantations. We can notice the impact of chemical usage in plantations which leads to adulterated Ayurvedic medicines, so we aim to grow Ayurvedic plantations without any use of chemicals. Our seeds are the best ones that we grow the products which are in complete harmony with nature. We nurture the land, plantation, and trees by hands of our experienced community. Kisan Grow combines old age wisdom with modern day practices and uses slow, biodynamic and measured traditions for farming.

We believe in heirloom seed selection, fermented manures, fermented tea for spraying fields, crop rotation and companion plantation and our methods help in water retention in the fields. We perform Ayurvedic plantation by using diverse, healthy, self-sustained and holistic practices and aim to bring back the ancient art of natural farming in the fields. Our herbs and Ayurvedic plantations are in great demand worldwide, which are used to create medicines and other products. No use of artificial techniques is made to make the plantations grow unnaturally and our fields provide seasonal plantations for every purpose. Kisan Grow provides Ayurvedic plantations products that are certified by the Government as pure and chemical free.