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Dairy Farming

For minor, peripheral farmers and agricultural laborers Dairy farming is an important and advisable source of income.

In addition soil fertility and crop yields can be enhanced by the animal manure because it is a worthy source of organic fertilizer.

Moreover Gober Gas plays an important role as domestic fuel. Feeding the animals, yes though it is a big issue but agri byproducts and remaining feedstuff may be utilized for the same.

At Kisan Grow industries we know that, due to increasing demand of milk and milk products in urban areas, importance and scope of dairy farming has immensely grown. Land less Farmers and other laborers are becoming productive as they are employed in milk production business.

Based on ICMR recommendations of per capita milk production, there is fabulous scope and potential for dairy farming in India.

Though dairy farming is so much lucrative, profitable and continuously increasing business, but it requires professional approach with technical guidance and smart management.

Diary Management:

This include vital information on current scenario of livestock market, type of land, easy availability of facilities and raw material like feeds, water, fodders etc. Moreover we facilitate you by providing supportive information and consultancy on veterinary aid, breeding facilities, marketing aspects etc. We are expert in providing training facilities that includes farmer’s experience as well as schemes and aids available from Government and other related bodies.

Below are the key areas where we will play an important role to give you maximum benefit.

Technical Feasibility and availability assistance:

  1. Proximity of the carefully chosen area to veterinary, breeding and milk collection center
  2. Nearest Bank for financial assistance
  3. Training facilities
  4. Good quality animals in your periphery.
  5. Legally approved grazing ground or land area.
  6. Both Green and Dry fodder
  7. Other Feed and medicines
  8. Veterinary aid
  9. Breeding centers
  10. Milk Marketing centers / Facilities

Economic Viability or Cost of/for:

  1. feeds and fodders
  2. Veterinary aid
  3. Breeding of animals
  4. Insurance
  5. Labor and other overheads.
  6. Cost of Output (Selling price of Milk, Male/Female Calves, Gunny hags, Manure, Gober gas, Cow urine and such other items.

At Kisan grow we believe that New, andconventional scientific doctrines, practices and skills should be used to achieve optimummonetaryprofits from dairy farming.

Some of the major norms and recommended practices are as follows:

  1. Shed / Shelter / Housing
  2. Feeding and taking good care of animals
  3. Milking of various animals
  4. Medical assistance and precaution against possible diseases
  5. Utmost care during Breeding to avoid unpleasant conditions
  6. Finest care during and after pregnancy
  7. Best Marketing strategies and plans
  8. Care of Infrastructure, Calves and other materials.

Planning & Engineering

Since last 10 year, clients pan India have taken benefit of Kisan grow team. The best part is we have a wide range of portfolio and we are expert in customizing the design of project as per the need of the client in areas like:

  • Site selection
  • Long-range master planning
  • Plan development
  • Engineered construction plans
  • Construction management
  • Operations planning and staffing
  • Waste management
  • Permitting
  • Cattle traffic
  • Construction administration
  • Parlor planning
  • Housing design
  • Feeding systems.
  • New construction
  • Remodel/expansion

Based on our experience we at Kisan grow industry assure you not only best construction but also saving on operational costs by well-planned executable steps to increase your efficiency. To meet high standards and regulatory requirement both we bank on modern concepts and state of the art technologies.

Here is what you can expect from our team:

  1. Need analysis by personal meeting and collecting primary facts and figures.
  2. Customizing the concept to match your need and the available resources.
  3. Accomplishing the concept and process
  4. Designing to execution ease
  5. Meetings with respective environment to ensure smooth business conditions.
  6. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

We invite you to take maximum benefit from our experience and expertise to save on cost part and maximize your earning and profitability. For more details you may call us.