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Fish Farming

Kisan grow FISH FARMING is expert micro fish farming consultancy, which facilitates people in urban and rural areas to develop fish farming business. Such efforts provides an opportunity to all those needy people to participate in economy of India.

The best part is that we provide such an opportunity of massive growth industry of fish farming, right where they are more comfortable, like where they live, means best suited environment for both business and the owner.

Not only Lake and Pond Stocking – We believing in delivering more than just sell you fish stock!!!

Our specialized and experienced staffs in lake and pond stocking plays an important role. We facilitates lake owners at every step right from stocking programs to lake management.

We are based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Our expertise involve servicing of pond. It is needless to mention here that you can expect services like ship fish to any location for any size and all capacity fish stocking along with projects like aquatics and hobbyist.