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Fruit Farming

Kisan grows organic foods are completely free of unnatural inputs like pesticides, fertilizers that kill the nutrition of the food and fills it with harmful and disease-causing chemicals. Organic food requires time and efforts to grow as no growth hormones like oxytocin are injected into the production and every fruit grows through its complete cycle of maturing. We do not support the fact that our yield must mature before time with the use of harmful chemicals and grow every fruit with hands-on care and attention. Use of chemical-based pesticides is completely banned in our fields and to keep the fruits safe from pests; we use pest bait or make fermented pesticides which are safe and sound. The seeds we use in fruit farming are the heirloom seeds and not the laboratory prepared ones or GMO ones.

Heirloom seeds are hard to find and give slow results as they grow with the natural process. We have great connectivity with other farmers and perform legwork to source heirloom seeds for our fruit farming. Our organic produce comes late into the market but people who are aware of its value, order it from us in large quantities as it has holistic flavor and nutrition. Organic fruit is not perfect in size and shape as it is not manipulated through colors, sprays or growth hormones, so people looking for better nutrition from organic produce do not look for perfectly appearing fruits. Fruits that grow naturally and slowly require a great amount of time and effort and we at Kisan Grow use traditional and reformative farming techniques to grow seasonal and pure fruits.