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Goat Farming

Kisan Grow Goat Farming Consultancy

  • Conceptualization of whole Project
  • Statutory and legal requirements for the project
  • Fundamentals of Goat Farming
  • Breed Development
  • Cost effective designs of Shelter
  • Accurate execution of shelter establishments
  • Health and wellbeing Programs
  • Resource management like sourcing of new farms, new market etc.
  • Integration management of Goat farms with Biogas and aquaculture concepts
  • Ensuring smooth establishment of processing units
  • Marketing management of livestock products and produces
  • Marketing strategies to explore new markets and increase share in existing market
  • We are expert in developing rural pockets by generating livelihood through various farming projects.



“Any type of animal farming Feeding is 60 to 70% is cost of production”

Lack of efficient management practices leads to heavy losses.

Poor herd health and low productivity is a result of mismanagement

We confidently ensure outstanding results if above aspects are taken care by all means.


Scenarios of goat farming

World current goat population = more than 850 to 900 million.

India current goat population = 164 million = 1 arab 64 crore (17% of world)

Total meat / year = 500 TMT = 500,000,000 Kg = 1kg costs 310/- = 1550 Crore Rupees Revenue

Total skin / year = 140 TMT = in goat skin contribute 11.5% of the live weight, in that case if Animal’s standing weight is 28 to 33 Kg than automatically its skin weight is around 3.4 Kg

Milk contribution around 6% of the total milk produce in India (total milk = 130 million ton).

92% of total goats reared for meat

Approximately here In India 515 lakh goats slaughter every year even if you consider 5-8 % mortality (deaths) still growthrate is around 5.5%. Yes it is outstanding.

If we see availability of goat meat per person in India, it is approx. 600 grams.

Such statistic not only contribute in overall business environment but it encourages new magnets to invest in goat farming as a core business venture. Yes day by day demand is increasing and that obviously attracts potential entrepreneurs to enter into such a profitable and growing industry of Goat farming.

“HOW”……………….Yes this is major concern for all new entrants. Before we assure you for all those how, where, which, when etc let me share you a fact that there is an enormous gap between demand and supply. Approximately 10,000,000 kg …oh my God!    ….yes it is… fact is these figures are of 2010 from CIRG (Central Institute for Research on Goats) report on “ADVANCES IN PRODUCTION AND REPRODUCTION IN GOATS”

In nut shell because of middle men domination, bitty and unorganized production, uneven channelizing etc, real producers are not benefiting, that is the reason they are more inclined toward export.

U.S & U.A.E are main markets

U.S mainly import from Australia. Fact is Australia is not having even 1% of goat population.

For India main market is U.A.E & India itself. However if we take it seriously and follow all necessary steps, no wonder we can be number 1 country to export goat meat.

Kisan grow is here to assist you, guide you and facilitate you at every step of goat farming in India. Please feel free to share your queries and concerns about goat farming in Gujarat and rest of India.