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Honey Bee Farming

Honey bee farming by Kisan grow is a well operated system and this astounding work of Honeybee caught our attention and we began bee farming from small scale to a large scale. We are the premium suppliers of organic honey products in India and worldwide and work with the motive to do the bee farming and extract honey without use of any harmful chemicals and artificial products. Honey bee farming is now becoming quite popular worldwide and is a challenging task, but we have professionals that are experts in the bee farming and face all the challenges consistently. Our policy is to keep learning and researching about the new techniques that evolve through time and apply these techniques in our business.

Our team at Kisan grow learns from educators, apiculture professionals and longtime beekeepers. Our apiaries are well designed and inventory is growing with each passing day. We at Kisan Grow work with an aim to improve the bee health and stay clear of pesticides, fungicides and habitat loss. We love the fascinating honey bees that intricately weave their colonies and produce honey in their home and realize how vital they are for our eco-system. These natural pollinators help in retaining sustainment of the environment but we take care that they do not die due to harmful pesticides and herbicides and our environment is preserved through them. We collaborate with specialists and focus on the latest researches for the honey bee farming to achieve astounding results. Our honey products are known worldwide for purity and freshness.