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Krop Care

A unique product based on crystallization process
  • Enhances photosynthesis process

KropCare helps in storing maximum carbohydrates, which increases the process of photosynthesis. Because of its effectiveness, unparalleled performance and definite compositions, KropCare is widely demanded in the agriculture sector. It is also demanded for increasing the quantity, quality and size of the plants.

  • Create vertical layers of crystal on leaf

Vertical crystals formed on leafs promotes growth of bigger chloroplasts, which ensures enhancement of photosynthesis process.

  • Creates multi reflection of photons

Enhances high increase in photon quantity which inturn increases the rate of photosynthesis. High rate of photosynthesis results in rapid growth of plants. Photons are active in utilizing sunlight thus it is one of the very important factor.

  • Stops maximum moss on the leaves

Moss is the unwanted plants which grow near or between the crops, that don’t have a fruit or flower and hence is useless, in a field. Due to moss the amount of nutrition provided by the growth promotor is divided and hence the required quality is not achieved.

Help in nitrogen fixing to the plants

  • Increase quality and quantity

100% natural & organic composition for all crops, plants, trees, powerful composition made from different trees, herbs, extracts, organic products of nature.

  • Growth promoter and immunity enhancer