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Milk Grow
  • Increases milk up to 40%
  • Benefit of animal food product
  • Increases milk growth
  • Increases immunity power
  • Eliminates impunity of body and gives mentioned benefits
  • Increases milk and milk fat
  • Keep normal body system active
  • Increases milk flow by natural herbal and safe way
  • Supports liver system
  • Increases milk production Quantity by keeping animal breast hormonal
  • system active By natural way
  • Increases and improves quality of milk and Maintains the growth assured
  • milk with easy technique
  • Eliminates all impurities of body
  • Increases Hemoglobin
  • Strengthen immunity power against diseases
  • Increases strength, patience and activeness
  • Help to increases breast by non hormonal herbal galactagogui
  • keep your pet active and increases life


Composition:Composition:By pass fat, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Herbal galactagogue use with Multi minerals excipients.


  • One month before Parturition-100 to 150 gm / Animal / Day
  • After Parturition Up to 150 Days- 100 gm / Animal / Day
  • In feed – 1.5 to 2% in feed or 15 to 20 feed / tan of Feed

Store in cool & dry palace, away from direct sunlight….