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Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming by Kisan Grow is done in a sustainable manner in which animals are kept healthier in a natural manner. The feed, housing and breeding is done in a biological way to provide the consumers with produce which is free of harmful chemicals and injections. These animals are not injected with anti-biotics, drugs, hormones, Parasite control, etc. and are not kept in cages.  Organic poultry is quite different from pasteurized poultry where factory farmed animals are fed with antibiotics or hormones which might lead to human diseases, but in the organic poultry chickens or other animals are kept outdoors and have access to open fields. They are fed with organic feeds, supplements and grains which are approved by the Government. The feed does not contain any animal byproducts and is not treated with chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.

Pastures used for poultry farming are also organic and are established under standards maintained by the government. Grains that are fed to these animals are not modified genetically to get better yields, but animals are fed with completely organic feed. Animals of various breeds are raised in the farm and are taken care of attentively so that the produce is excellent and high in quality. The flavor of slow growing chicken and eggs are different from the factory fed ones with antibiotics and injections, so trust Kisan grow for the best produce in Poultry farming. Organic meats are denser in nutrients due to the diet provided by us for your overall good health and well-being.