Welcome to Kisan Grow Industries


Kisan grow is a manufacturer of prime quality products in several areas including sanitary. These products are completely organic and do not include harmful chemicals. We manufacture sanitary products like Hand wash, fabric wash, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners etc. in high quality so that your home is sparkling clean without the use of harmful chemicals. These revolutionary products are in great demand globally due to amazing quality and we have back to back orders of sanitary products from India as well as throughout the world. All the products are biodegradable and bring no harm to the ecological system.

Enlisted here are few of our products:

  • All in one- This product can be used as an all-purpose sanitary product for cleaning the house. Now you can get sparkling clean surfaces with this amazing solution which is free of alcohol and does not harm our Mother Earth.
  • Hand wash: Until now we have been using hand wash which contains alcohol, but now you can get rid of 99.99% of bacteria from your hands with this alcohol-free formula and stay away from diseases.
  • Fabric wash: We manufacture fabric wash free of soda, which causes harm to your clothes. Now you can get softer and brighter clothes with Fabric wash by Kisangrow.
  • Toilet cleaner: Volisure formula for toilets gives you sparkling clean toilets due to enhanced thickness. Its formulation is biodegradable and removes germs, stains, water marks, etc.
  • Floor cleaner: Floor cleaners created by Kisangrow give you a sparkling home which is germ-free in all aspects. This amazing cleaner is light in your hands as well as the ecological system.