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Vegetable Farming

Vegetable Farming done by Kisan grow is completely organic and we are helping the farmers get profits with a collective action. We perform chemical free cultivation of Vegetables which are completely free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. In India people do not bother about the source of the vegetables and most of the organic retailers are just the distributors of these vegetables but at Kisan Grow you can trust the quality as we grow them under strict control and supervision. We provide fresh and organic vegetables at the doorsteps as soon as we harvest. Our company has acres of land on which we practice chemical-free agriculture for vegetables. Our products are certified to be supplied in India as well as throughout the world.

Vegetable farming done by Kisan Grow provides you with safe food which does not lead to harmful diseases. We provide organic produce at reasonable prices and make people feel close to their source of food. We provide fresh produce to vendors and consumers and use natural fertilizers like cattle and poultry manure and no chemical-based fertilizers or pesticides are used in vegetable farming. We harvest the water from the fields to save the eco-system of the Earth and compost all the farm waste. Our delivery vans deliver the fresh produce quickly when harvested and all the vegetables are cleaned, sorted and segregated every day. We take care that the taste, color and natural texture of the vegetables are retained with proper cycle and the produce is sold at a reasonable price to the consumers.